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WAP definition: WAP is a system which allows devices such as mobile phones to connect to the internet. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examplesLove words? You must there are over 200, 000 words in our free online dictionary, Definition of wap. plurals. 1 dialectal: a wrapping wap dictionary

Define WAP. WAP synonyms, WAP pronunciation, WAP translation, English dictionary definition of WAP. n acronym for Wireless Application Protocol:

wap dictionary

wap definition: The definition of a wap is a wireless application protocol which is a process in cell networks that is used to transfer the text, wireless application protocol: a protocol for transferring documents, especially Web pages, over a computer network to cellular phones and other handheld wireless devices.wap dictionary WAP meaning: abbreviation for Wireless Application Protocol: a system that allows you to use the internet using a type of mobile phone. Learn more.

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Wireless Application Protocol. A subset of HTTP used to optimise web content for mobile devices such as cellular phones. Defines WML (Wireless Markup Language). Also referred to as Wait and Pay or Wait and Pace, since the early user experience was using primitive devices which used a 9Kbps link to the internet to receive WAP content. wap dictionary