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Jul 16, 2016 I went into Hotmailoutlook the web client and was able to delete the event but it synced again. What finally worked was deleting the event in the web mail, then immediately deleting the event in my windows phone.How to delete multiple calendar events at once. I don't think you can delete events en masse on your phone. The only way to wipe a calendar of all events is to delete and recreate it. To do so, follow these steps: How can I implement a shared calendar with another Windows Phone. 2. windows phone remove event

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Enter the name, date, time, and location of the event or meeting. If this is an event that repeats, tap or click Show more and then choose your option by tapping or clicking the How often box. Delete an event. Here's how you delete an event: In the Calendar app, tap or click the event you want to delete. Tap or click the Delete event button on your Jan 29, 2016  I understand that you are willing to delete the events in your Calendar on Windows phone. I will certainly help you. I suggest you to refer the section ' To change or delete a calendar event ' from below link and follow thewindows phone remove event In a page one image control is there. when click on that i am showing big image. in some condition i don't want to show. For that i am trying to remove click handler event. please tell me how to remove

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Oct 17, 2017 Why am I unable to delete recurring calender events set using Cortana? 03: 12 AM. tools. the history. they also only show on the computer I created the reminders. they do not show in calendars on other PCs or Windows phone. Why am I unable to delete recurring calender events set using Cortana? windows phone remove event Whenever the user uninstalls this applciation I want to do some cleanup (delete all his notes from the database). Is there any event which gets fired when the user uninstalls the app? How can we handle this? I'm trying to remove all handlers assigned to BackKeyPress event using reflection in Windows Phone application. I tried out many solutions, including How would it be possible to remove all event ha Oct 03, 2013 hi I have windows phone 8 on lumia 928 I have a couple of calendars syncing from my outlook 2007 then I cleaned the calendars and removed them from outlook 2007 then in windows phone 8 there was only an option to turn calendar offon but is there a way to delete it? thanks