Application of puddle flange

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FRANK products for all applications. The FRANK puddle flange can be installed on any type of pipe material, from plastic, steel and stoneware to concrete, cast iron, fibre cement or GFRP. The FRANK puddle flanges are available forApr 20, 2005 I am examining an application where a pipe running through an underground pit has a puddle flange joining the pipes within the pit wall. My understanding is that the puddle flange will prevent the passage of liquid from one side of the wall to the other (external to the pipe). application of puddle flange

The Puddle Flanges ratings are very important for flanges application, correct flanges rating will keep the application safe. Dynamic Forge& Fittings (I) P. Limited specializes in manufacturing high pressure, large diameter, high yield, and specialty flanges.

application of puddle

What is the purpose of embedding puddle flange inside the walls of closed valve chambers? it is connected to a puddle flange embedded inside a wall of the chamber. A flange is an external or internal ridge, or rim (lip), for strength, as the flange of an iron beam such as an Ibeam or a Tbeam Applications of compact flangesapplication of puddle flange Where pipes pass through external walls, in basement areas, a puddle flange may be required. Location which may be below the water table or in areas liable to flooding or in areas which may need to be sealed against methane

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Westatlantic class puddle flanges with raized disk ridge profiles bond with the concrete. Thick EDPM rubber disks units are pressuretight up to 145 psi (10 bar). When a pipe penetrates a wall that is cast in the wall, use a puddle flange on the pipe. application of puddle flange ness and sealing capability of FRANK puddle fl anges. Depending on the diameter, FRANK puddle fl anges are proven to be tight up to pressures between 8 and 10 bar. Characteristics FRANK puddle anges made in EPDM EPDM is chemically resistant to a wide range of acids and bases. It also off ers outstanding weather and ozone as for puddle flanges diameter 32 to 315 mm (see page 8, section 1. ). 2. Installing the puddle flange The puddle flange is fitted in the same way as for puddle flanges diameter 32 to 315 mm (see page 8, section 2. ). 3. Preparing the clamping band A stainless steel clamping band is required at both sides of the walls as well as between the walls. Flexseal Puddle Flanges are used to seal around the outside of pipes that are required to pass through concrete structures. They are installed during construction. Pipes passing through concrete will not bond to the concrete and water can pass along the external surface of the pipe.