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2020-04-03 23:46

Applicant: I am applying for admission to a CUNY college. Faculty: I am currently a faculty member at a CUNY college. Staff: I am currently employed by one ofThe goal of the site was to empower students with the tools to do more for themselves from their mobile devices on or off campus. The central feature of the site is to assist students with first time setup of their email account. Their email account is now required for many systems not only email. Student email accounts are need to use a cuny portal mobile

Come and explore CUNYs 25 colleges and graduate schools located across New York Citys five boroughs. Open houseson campus and onlineare scheduled regularly for prospective students. Open houseson campus and onlineare scheduled regularly for prospective students.

cuny portal mobile

The City University of New York. Bb Student. Bb Student Resource Center. Bb Student for IOS. Bb Student for Android (CUNYfirst and CUNYfirst Password) Note that @login. cuny. edu has already been entered in the Username field for you. Simply type your CUNYfirst username. Username Please make sure to enter a valid username (CUNYfirst Username)cuny portal mobile Eligibility: The Telecommunications Office manages mobile phones for two communities: Executive management staff (ECP and Director level staff); Staff of departments which have been approved for the need to use mobile devices and for which funding has been added to Telecommunications OTPS (such as Facilities Management).

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Accessing Your Office365 KBCC student Email Account on Any Mobile Device. You can use a mobile device to access information in your Office365 account. cuny portal mobile CUNY Applicants: to fill out an online application please register for a CUNY Portal Account OR if you already have a portal account, sign in below. Welcome to CUNY Mobile. Chancellor James B. Milliken. The powerful combination of quality academics, remarkable afford ability, financial support and the convenience of 24 modern campuses spanning the five boroughs of New York makes CUNY a singular value in higher education today. You may still be able to apply for Fall 2018 at select CUNY Colleges through their Direct Admission Process. Please visit the Direct Admission web site for more information. Note: The Fall 2018 application for the School of Professional Studies is still available in the CUNY Portal.